I believe women and birthing people are strong, capable beings. When we are given the opportunity to reach deep within ourselves our strength will surprise us. I do believe that our bodies are meant to birth but I don’t think it’s that simple. Our culture has strongly influenced us in the way we think about birth and how we view our bodies. Birth seems to be far more complex, with so much information to know and so many choices to make. Few of us are living in a way that we have a strong circle of people supporting us and sharing wisdom that has been passed on for generations. For these reasons I think that we are being called to look deep within each of ourselves and question our beliefs about birth, educate ourselves and build up our circles of support. The stories of our births will stay with us forever, influencing our relationships, how we view ourselves and how we parent our children. The stories that we tell will go into our society and influence the next generation of birthing people. Your birth matters!

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