Prenatal Classes

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Please note that all classes are held in a virtual learning environment during Covid-19.

Birthing From Within

Birthing From Within childbirth classes are unlike any other. Based on the popular book by Pam England, our innovative approach is inspiring, engaging, and fun.

These classes are for expectant parents seeking useful information, practical tools, and a thoughtful exploration of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Welcoming parents birthing in hospital or at home and with a physician or a midwife.

These classes feature lively group discussion, role-plays, creative exercises and hands-on practice. Through learning a range of pain-coping approaches and labor support practices, mothers build confidence and a positive mindset for coping while partners gain new tools for their unique support role.

Each birth is unique. A Birthing From Within prenatal class provides resources to help you work towards the experience you envision while preparing you for the full spectrum of birth. Gain new tools and insight as you explore different paths of birth, coping with the intensity of labor, and navigating the unexpected.

Classes extend beyond birth to explore postpartum healing and adjustment, as well newborn care and parenting. Each session is limited to 8 couples, building a sense of community and ensuring a personalized approach with a new session starting every other month.

Birthin’ Again

Birthin’ Again is a childbirth education class that has been designed for the seasoned parent. During this 4 week series you will have the opportunity to explore and learn from previous birth(s). Drawing on what worked for you last time, you will also learn new pain coping practices as you develop a pain coping mindset. We will discuss how to prepare siblings for birth, bringing baby home and the changes for you as a family postpartum. Through various techniques you will connect with this pregnancy and reconnect with your inner wisdom.

You already “know” a lot. Birthin’ Again classes are designed to help you discover and validate your own knowledge using processes that are interactive and creative while at the same time learning some new skills.


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