Thank you so very much for the amazing strength your Blessingway provided for Katie and everyone else who was there. The Blessingway beautifully illustrated how interconnected we all are. I will be taking a lot of this strength and sharing it with my sister's circle of support. Thank you so much for touching my life so significantly ~ Liz

My first birth experience was the loss of our son in the second trimester. Because of this, I really needed more than someone to assist me in birth. I needed someone to help me process my feelings and deal with my fear around pregnancy and birth. Cindy gave me the tools to do the work I needed to embrace my birth experience. For this I am truly thankful! ~ Lisa

Cindy was warm and inviting, and the classes helped me feel connected to my baby and confident in my bodies ability to birth. The classes gave me and my husband tools that helped me have the natural home birth I wanted ~ Chrissy

For me it was important to have a doula. It was empowering to have someone help navigate through the overwhelming experience of child birth. A doula was not only for me but for my husband. It allowed him to understand what was going on and what was considered normal. He was able to be a fantastic partner and support person. I think back to my birth story and it would have read very differently had Cindy not been there to help us both. That is something truly invaluable. Thank you Cindy! ~ Adene

Cindy, I am so thankful you were with us during our pregnancy and the birth of our second daughter. You were everything I had hoped a Doula would be, not only during her birth but in all the months before. Throughout my pregnancy you listened compassionately, and gently nudged me to develop a healthy attitude for my much hoped for VBAC. You were even more amazing during her birth. As soon as you arrived I felt totally cared for: you were so intuitive, knowing exactly how to help despite my inability to articulate. In contrast to my first birth, this was such a joyful and empowering experience and you were an indispensable part of that. I am convinced that this birth wouldn't have gone the same way if you were not there. I don’t have words to express how much it meant to have you by my side throughout her birth ~ Yael

When I was pregnant with my third child and signed up for Dancing for Birth with Cindy Black, I had no idea what a kindness I had done myself. I wasn't sure what to expect, but had simply wanted to take a fun, fitness-type class to help me celebrate this third pregnancy. I quickly discovered that Cindy had the gift of not only leading a really fun dance class, but of inspiring me to think of my pregnancy and upcoming birth in a very empowering way. She wove such an atmosphere of love, trust, and support that it enabled me to confront my fears and hopes for labour. I asked Cindy to be my doula because she had infected me (and my husband!) with such a positive energy regarding the delivery of our son that I really wanted to have that mindset in the birthing room. My mother and sister organized a Blessingway ceremony for me, too, which Cindy facilitated among nine of my very closest friends. Once again, Cindy magically created an atmosphere of love and support, making it one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences I have ever had. Though my son is now almost six months old, I often reflect on my Blessingway and draw on the strength and love created there. Cindy has a beautiful spirit and is so passionate about empowering women through their pregnancies. She is truly gifted. I am so thankful that I discovered her when I did! ~ Katie